Finally the long-waited beautiful weather! Although summer of 2019 in Northern Hemisphere will not officially begin until June 21, we, Winnipeggers feel the urgency to enjoy this precious time of year while it lasts. We must know how to make the best of it. After experiencing Manitoba’s winter five times, not only I understand why some people start disappearing around May long weekend, but also I have climatized. (Almost) Everything is forgivable here because of the long and harsh winter. We deserve the best weather in summer. So, how are you going to spend this summer? What would be your way to celebrate the gift from Mother Earth? I am planning on camping trips with my family. I will learn to relax and to do nothing but enjoy every moment this wild and precious summer must offer to me.
I will be attending a Prairie to Pine Regional gathering in Brendon from June 13th to 16th (Thursday – Sunday). I will take my vacation beginning June 30 and until July 31. I hope that you will have a wonderful summer. You deserve the best!