A Death Café

It was a beautiful day to enjoy the sunshine outside, but 60 of us were willing to spend some time inside the building on the last day of May. We didn’t want to miss the rare opportunity to talk about death. It was my first experience of a Death Café. There seemed to be very committed individuals who regularly attend such an event. A wide range of diversity of the participants demonstrated our shared need and hunger to talk about death no matter how different we are. Just to give you some ideas of who were present: 10 people from FGUC, and roughly another 10 people from neighbouring united churches, and people from the general population, including quite a number of people from the younger generation. I have to say that I had never seen that many people with tattoos at the church before. It can be intimidating to talk about death to strangers. It turned out, however, such a topic creates a strong bond faster than any other topic because we have to speak with vulnerability. The hospitality provided by people of FGUC helped the participants to be assured that this is a safe place where they could come just as they were. Thank you, FGUC for your support and hospitality. The cakes were exceptionally delicious! There was a great energy in the upper hall. I know that I am not the only one who left the Death Café uplifted and energized.