It was a chilly and dark evening when I arrived at Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain last Wednesday. The 285 seats of the fine concert hall soon became crowded with people of all walks of life. Although I didn’t know a single soul there, I knew that there was a shared interest among us: we were yearning to hear stories and music about death and dying. The concert, Night of Grief & Mystery was presented by Stephen Jenkinson and Gregory Hoskins Band. Their beautiful collaborative work gently invited the whole audience to reflect on our mortality. Tears, laughter, deep silence and lots of aha moments filled the air in the room. What struck me most was how this serious topic was addressed in such a respectful, intimate and festive way. I knew that I was not the only one heading home after the 2 hours of concert, feeling uplifted, understood, and alive. This experience leads me to think about how we as a congregation can create such a space where authentic and audacious conversations on this rare yet much-needed topic happen. Who knows? We might be heading home feeling uplifted, understood, and alive.

  • Min-Goo