It was a typical Thursday morning last week as I began my day with a time of silence, taking deep breaths to get ready for my busiest day of the week. (I write my reflection on Thursday, and Eltie and I work on bulletin and get any other things done for Sunday) I saw the back of a visitor, who was talking to Eltie over in her office. My intuition told me that there was something unusual was going on here, but I could not see his face. I saw Eltie standing there and pointing her hand toward me, and I saw the visitor turning. I couldn’t believe who I saw. It was my friend from the middle school! He left Chicago, where he lives, the day before, driving 13 hours just to see me. 30 years passed since he and his family left Korea, and 20 years passed since we saw each other last time. But it seems to me that nothing has changed between us. He started coordinating the surprise visit a month ago checking with Eltie to make sure that I would be there when he came. The time we spent was short – it was actually too short because he left early in the morning on the next day – but the impact his visit made on me was huge. Ever since he left, I have been thinking of him, and reflecting on what it means to be visited by my forgotten best friend.
I wonder if you have a similar experience – either you have received a surprise visit or made it for someone else. What impact did the encounter make on you and the other person? The disciples’ experiences with the risen Christ were short and momentary, but they made a long-lasting impact. Once they experienced it, they could not go back to before; their lives were changed forever because of the visit.