One of the things we all share in common is our need for friends. It’s one of our basic human needs like our need for food or water. Having moved many times in my life both in Korea and in Canada, I have lost contact with many of my friends. The most difficult part for me when I was preparing to move to Manitoba from the west coast, was the fact that I had to leave my friends behind. The flip side of having moved is that I have been able to make new friends that would not have been possible otherwise.

The reality is that it becomes more difficult to make new friends with aging and moving. Have you made new friends recently? Over the last two years a group of people from FGUC have been going to see a family who is new to Canada. They have been befriending this family of 12. Like any relationship, their friendship is mutual. I can tell you from my experience that the family loves to entertain anyone who walks into their house. This family has many gifts to share. Nazila (the mother) is an amazing cook and intelligent; Awad (the father) loves to dance, and the children love to engage and help.

You can meet the Amad family at our next Community Spirit gathering on Friday, Feb. 16th. We will celebrate our friendship with Olympics themed games. Mark your calendar also for the third gathering on Friday, Mar. 16 with the theme of music of the world. Awad will teach us Arab dance. Wouldn’t that be something?