Closing Reception









Good vibes filled the air in the foyer as we were hanging prayer flags one by one. Our newest outreach project, the Life + Art sharing Circle hosted its closing reception last Monday evening. It was a good turnout. The participants brought their family members to the church, the most important supporters throughout the program. It felt like an extended family gathering. Indeed, the participants had developed a close relationship with one another over the two months. Gathering in a circle, just like we did in the program, we told our stories. Every participant spoke about their experiences of the program, how it made an impact on them. Every guest also spoke about how they felt about the artwork. Mike Shwetz reminded us of how creativity connects us to God. The highlight was when Ljubica, one of the participants was playing the accordion for the first time in 30 years. She left her home country (Yugoslavia) leaving everything behind. The heartwarming story was that this accordion was given to her as a Christmas gift on that evening from another participant’s husband, who had been collecting accordions for hobby. The sound of the accordion was as beautiful as the connection made by good souls. So please take a look at the work of art – the clay, printmaking, prayer flags, and collage. Let me know what you think. A gentle reminder that the candle holder clay on the round tables are delicate, so please look with your eyes only. The exhibition will continue until the end of the month.

  • Min-Goo