Do you remember the fun filled gatherings of a diverse group of people in the Upper Hall around this time last year? The Community Spirit gatherings brought various groups of people together, including the Korean congregation, the Amad family, families from the neighbourhood and many of us from FGUC. New connections were made across different generations and cultures. In the hope to serve our community even better last week five people got together sharing our dreams and visions. Two new faces were added to our creative and energetic planning team – Noelle Bowles, a newly appointed minister of Spirit Path and Sahra Shire, a Neighbourhood Immigrant Settlement Worker in Fort Garry. Together we dream big hoping to reach out to the community as widely and deeply as possible. For example, there are potential community members who might be interested in joining us for our Friday gatherings, but find it challenging to take public transportation. They live in South of Winnipeg and are new to Canada. So we are looking for those who are willing to offer rides. Our next three Community Spirit Gatherings will take place in the Upper Hall on March 8, April 12 and May 10. Fridays 5:00 – 7:30. Please mark your calendar. Stay tuned for more updates. Let us know if you can offer rides.

~ Min-Goo