Sheryl is holding a quilt made by her students






Over the years, we have built relationships with various organizations and groups, who share some of our values – spiritual development,
music and community. Our relationship with the wider community is stronger than ever before. One thing is clear in this ever-changing society. No one can live as an island. We must work together for the common good. A respectful partnership is built only if two parties know how to give and receive. Traditionally the church has focused on giving, giving and giving. No wonder people in the pews are tired. I wonder what would happen if we shift our focus to receiving. Finding ourselves on the margin in our society provides plenty opportunities for us to experience the transforming power of the Spirit who works in us and others.
Today, I extend a thank you to the congregation of St. Paul’s Anglican for being a wonderful partner. Thanks for worshipping with us.
A thank you to our music partners, Wpg Male Chorus, New Horizons Bands, Lisa Prefontaine, Wittenberg Band, and the Wpg Mennonite Theatre for joining our choir for Spring Fling concert on Sat. April 13, 7pm.
A thank you to Spirit Path and Neighbourhood Immigrant Settlement Workers in our area for co-hosting Community Spirit with us. It has been a huge success as we brought such a diverse group of people together. The list goes on as we continue to expand and deepen our partnerships. A few weeks ago, I met Sheryl McCorrister, the principal of Southeast Collegiate. She agreed to come to our next Community Spirit along with her teachers and students including a drum group on Fri. May 3, 5-7:30 pm with a theme, Indigenous art and stories.