A four year old girl asked her mother who was teaching in the Art department at University. “Mom, so you are teaching people to do what?” Her mom said, “I teach my students to paint or draw.” The girl looked at her mom puzzled and said, “You mean, they FORGET?”
I believe that we are born to be creative, and that everyone is an artist. That may sound like a cliché to you. Just look at how children play and what they create. They are not only creative but also very generous in giving. I treasure children’s drawings. You know sometimes a child gives you a piece of paper on which she drew something with a pencil or crayons. They don’t’ usually explain what they drew or why they give it to you. They just do it because generosity and creativity are part of their nature. I keep them because they are a wonderful reminder of who we really are – creative beings just like our children.
Life + Art Sharing Circle provides the opportunity for participants to reclaim what they were born with –the creative energy and the generous spirit. The Circle has expanded across cultures, languages and generations. We have 14 participants including 4 Mandarin speaking people and 3 Arabic speaking people. They are bringing 11 kids! Stay tuned as we are embarking on the exciting journey of self-discovery and building community.

  • Min-Goo