Young People’s Ministries

  • We offer a cozy space for infants and preschoolers during worship times.   Every Sunday there is a friendly, smiling youth worker and volunteers who welcome our youngest children and provide a warm, caring atmosphere for rocking, resting, playing and activities.

  • After a time of conversation near the beginning of Sunday worship, our young members head down to Church School.  It’s a time of sharing, creating, playing and discussing issues of faith appropriate to the age of the participants.  Our resource, Seasons Of The Spirit, follows the lectionary used in services and offers insight and fun.

  • Our youth and teens gather at different times and occasions over the year.  They have been engaged in helping with Sunday school, visiting outreach ministries, watching movies in the church, visiting other churches and United Church youth gatherings. The program varies to meet the needs and interests of the youth.


    Young people look forward to having the keys to the car and driving their own directions. In faith it’s the same. 

    Children baptized as infants may feel they have a “hand-me-down-faith” they have always received from their parents.  Yet, as they mature, they have their own ideas, and experiences, and questions, and relationship with God.

    At some point they appreciate exploring their own faith, figuring out how it works for them, and learning to manouever through life using their own GPS link to God. That’s where Confirmation Mentoring comes in.

    Confirmation has been the traditional process by which a person baptized as an infant “re-affirms” their faith for themselves.

    Mentoring is a newer process by which young people choose a “licensed driver” in the church, other than their parents, with whom they can safely explore their own faith questions.

    At the end of the process, those young people may choose for themselves whether or not to reaffirm their baptismal vows.

    It’s part of growing up.  It’s something young people need to consider for themselves, not do for their parents.

Special spaces for our young people

  • Our nursery

    Our nursery

  • Nursery Library

    Nursery Library

  • Teaching aid

    Teaching aid

  • The Zone

    The Zone

  • The Loft

    The Loft