My first week of the Supervised Pastoral Education program went well. There are 7 participants from different walks of life, and one instructor. On the very first day, each of us shared our life journey for 45 minutes. The intention was that by sharing our story we got to know each other better, and we got to practice what we were going to do – listening with an open heart. During the lunch hour, I went to a small art gallery at the hospital and found a picture, titled ‘legacy’. It spoke to my soul in such a deep way that I had to share it with my classmates when I shared my own life journey. I always miss my home – but the home I miss is not geographically bounded, or my cultural upbringing or even the people that I miss most. It’s so much more and deeper than any of those. It’s perhaps an everyday realization that there is always room to grow, and there is always work to be done in becoming myself. I am thankful that I have embarked on this journey of self-discovery.