Everyone has at least one book that they want to keep in their bookshelf. For me, that one book is Healing from the Heart – A Guide to Christian Healing for Individuals and Groups.

Although it’s not required, this is a text book for a Healing Pathway Workshop. Whether you are interested in taking the workshop or not, I recommend this book to anyone, especially those who are seeking to know how to care for others while looking after themselves. The following is from the back of the book cover: “Healing from the Heart traces Christian healing heritage, and explores the mystery and wonder of prayer for skeptics who need to understand how and why healing works to have their beliefs substantiated, there is confirmation from the growing body of scientific evidence that supports healing. Read the stories and the evidence and weigh it against personal experience.” We’d like to order copies of the book as a group, and we can save the shipping fee for 6 and more copies. Please let the office know if you’d like to order your copy. It’s $20.

~ Min-Goo