One of the things that the indigenous spirituality taught me is the value of the circle. Sitting in a circle, everyone is respected; everyone is seen and every voice is heard equally. The circle is indeed a way of life, which provides an alternate way of living in this still hierarchical culture of our society based on power and privileges. Not only the circle welcomes everyone, but also it requires everyone’s participation. It is sharing that sustains everyone in the circle. Over the last more than two months ten of us have gathered together in the Lower Hall of Fort Garry United Church to practice this alternate way of living. We did what our earliest ancestors did; sitting in a circle around fire (a lighted candle) we listened to each other’s story, and then we expressed what’s in our hearts and minds. As week by week the circle went deeper and richer, and we discovered something we couldn’t find if we didn’t gather in the circle: the profound gift of sharing.

The following are what some of the participants said about the Life + Art Sharing Circle:

“For me this was a fun way to get out of my ‘stay at home’ rut for a while and create with others.”

“The program gave us lots of wonderful opportunities to grow spiritually and opportunity to access my creative side.”

“Sitting around the circle with the talking stick and a candle in the centre felt like the ancient ritual of our ancestors. Somehow we go back in time; back into their foot prints. For this brief time we became home. We became a family.”

You are invited to the Opening Reception on Monday, December 4th at 6 pm at FGUC.

  • Min-Goo