Over the last 8 weeks this group of people got together to learn how to knit while socializing. The gift of friendship was shared, and an intimate bond was created. I didn’t knit with them, nor did I make the coffee. But I was lucky enough to see the big difference they made since the day one. They were shy, and they didn’t talk much at the beginning, but they all looked happy and comfortable in the end. One person was showing off a beautiful hairband she made. Another participant brought crochet tissue box covers that she made as gifts for those who helped organized the program. One of the instructors brought her handmade dolls as a gift for grandchildren of one participant. It was heartwarming to see how these people became close to one another despite the language barrier and cultural differences. A special thank you to Liz Moore, her friend Nancy and Margaret Burchill for sharing their time, skills and love.

– Min-Goo