We need to give a big thank you to Dianne Cooper, who was leading the
Garage Sale event and was there non-stop for the week!
As well, we give a thank you to Laura Shwetz for her pricing knowledge.
Thanks to Eltie Pearce for all the promotional work, especially through
social media.
To the many volunteers who worked so hard, setting up tables,
transporting furniture, moving boxes, receiving, sorting,
organizing the donations, & packing up on Monday,
we sincerely thank you!
 Many people were able to buy items at a fraction of the normal price.
 We are recycling so many things that might otherwise end up in the landfill,
and so are doing what we can to save the planet.
 Many people who genuinely need items & can’t afford new, were able to find things
 Those who donated now have clean homes/closets/garages
 The items left over went to Salvation Army Stores to help the population who needs it
 And we took in $6880 fundraising for the church!
Thank you to everyone!