The long and harsh winter in Winnipeg makes it hard for its citizens to see each other’s face. That’s true even if people are outside walking, shovelling or waiting at the bus stop because they are all bundled up. So it’s pretty hard to make new friends in this friendly province especially in winter time. Our longing for friendship, however, can overcome the distance created by our circumstances. There has been some good old Manitoba winter days, and we still have March to go through. (or April or even May!) We are to ready to stretch ourselves to welcome new possibilities. Last week, at the Knitting with Friends I enjoyed getting to know some of our neighbours – Yazidi newcomers to Winnipeg. I was delighted to find the same word for tea. The Yazidi people speak Kurdish, and they call tea “cha” the same pronunciation in Korean. I could have spent all day just talking about traditional food and beverage. Once again I invite you to join me for a fun-filled Community Spirit Path evening on Fri, March 8, 5-7:30 pm. We will celebrate Spring Around the World. Fun activities and delicious food will certainly make it easier for us to make new friends in March in Winnipeg.