Last week, my family and I watched a movie, As One. It’s a 2012 South Korean Sports drama film based on a true story. For the first time ever since the country had been divided into North and South, a unified Korea sports team was formed, which won the gold at the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships in Chiba, Japan. Retelling the dramatic true story, the movie captures well the human side of the people with vulnerability despite the political tension between the North and South. Although I watched the movie before, I couldn’t watch it without tears. It was beautiful and painful at the same time. Watching the movie together as a family allowed us to talk about the importance of bringing peace on the Korean peninsula and its reunification. The movie certainly made an impact on my boys. Both of them want to learn how to play ping pong. Jah-bi drew the Pyeongchang Olympics. (without looking at any other picture)

The North and South Korean Governments have decided that their countries will march together under the same flag and field a combined team for the Pyeongchang Olympics. The Olympics are about more than just sports. The unified Korean Women’s Hockey team can achieve far more than winning the games. It can bring the two countries together. As Scott Russell said, it’s what Olympics are supposed to be about. Who knows, if the Canadian connection – with Sarah Murray coaching the joint team – can even bring good luck to the team?

– Min-Goo