Baylan and Sayan after playing doubles.

About a year ago, I wrote a column about table tennis – how the long
winter in Winnipeg made me look for something enjoyable regardless the weather. I was rediscovering my love for table tennis at that time. Hoping to revive table tennis here at FGUC, I wrote “Wanna play? Bring your paddle on Sunday.”
A few weeks ago, I got a phone call from someone looking for a place to play ping pong. He said that he read my article about looking for a ping pong buddy. He asked if it would be okay to bring his 8 year old son. Turns out, he had been looking for a place to play table tennis after arriving in Winnipeg a year ago from Siberia. He Googled a place to play table tennis in Winnipeg and our website came up. I was happy to hear how our cyber presence reaches out. Thanks to Susan Taylor who keeps our website up-to-date and relevant. I was also happy to have my ping pong buddies.
Over the last two Sundays, we have been playing in the loft. A few more people from FGUC also joined us after hearing the cheerful and rhythmical sound of ping pong. The fun of playing ping pong gives Jah-bi one more reason to come to church on Sunday. Who knows? This could be start of a new ministry: the Table Tennis Ministry.

– Min Goo