Planning For A Living Funeral?

While I am officiating at lots of funerals these days, I began to notice something. We tend to praise people after they are gone.
Honouring the life of our loved one is not something we have to wait until a certain time comes. So, why not tell our story when
we are able and they are available? Why not now?
At the leadership team meeting last Wednesday, we did something unusual – planning for a living funeral.
Here is the list of the questions I asked the people in the leadership team to reflect on. I invite you to do the same.
Write down names of the people who matter to you most.
How are you going to tell them about how much they each mean to you?
Write down names of people who are going to miss you when you are gone.
What will they remember about you? (Note: it’s not what you hope they will remember!)
How would you like to be remembered?
If there is a gap between the last two questions, how are you going to bridge the gap?
And finally, what did you notice or learn while doing this exercise?

– Min-Goo