“What has been the moment when your faith and sexuality and gender, or any other aspect of your identity, came together or broke apart?” That was the question brought to seven panelists at the conference I attend last weekend. Queer and Faithful brought a diverse group of people together to speak about the intersections of faith, race and queerness. As Chantal Fiola, one of the panelists, who is Metis and two-spirit, pointed out, that the event provided a rare yet much needed space to learn about intersectionality. The power of truth-telling unveiled the damage done to LGBTQ2S persons in the name of religion. The painful and traumatic experiences of LGBTQ2S communities with various religious communities were reflected when a person said, “Because faith rejected us, we rejected faith.” Those who chose to remain in their religion or tradition found support from their communities of faith. They are practicing their faith not despite of but because of their queerness. In other words, queerness has deepened their understanding of the Holy. In a world where we are forced to choose one over the other in the complexity of identity, this event helped me and other participants to break down barriers to be and to live as fully human. As the name of the event implies – Queer AND Faithful – we can only become fully human when we embrace all that makes us who we are. Only then can we truly love others as ourselves.