The-not-so-cooperative-weather last weekend made my family camping trip extra special. It was the coldest May long weekend I’ve ever experienced. Waking up to 0 degree with a chill early in the morning in the 3-season tent, I remembered some of the comments my Facebook friends made, “You are brave souls!”, “You guys are hard core!” It was never about being brave or being experimental. It was about keeping the family tradition – May long weekend camping. Tell me if there are better dates for camping than when there is absolutely no mosquitoes or snow! Though it was windy and chilly, we managed except that I became sick on Saturday evening. In fact, I wasn’t even sure if I was going to make it to church on Sunday. After taking a pill for pain
relief, I prayed while I was in the sleeping bag like a caterpillar. I prayed hard like never before. Whether it was the power of prayer or the Advil, I was happy to wake up feeling OKAY on the next day. The church never felt so warm, and the hot water was never so appreciated. After church people came to comfort me one after another, assuring that warmer weather was on its way. Unexpected things can happen sometimes. But like Maya Angelou said, there is rainbow in the clouds. Thank you for being my rainbow!