18 of us spent the weekend (March 15 – 17) learning to be a healing presence. I don’t even know how to describe what we experienced. It was like silent evolution. Something profound was happening to us in such a deep and quiet way. Although we were a diverse group of people with different backgrounds and life experiences, there was something we all shared in common. We came together with a yearning to be healed. We took the workshop most of all for ourselves. We learned that it is only when we are filled with God’s light and love, can we share them with others. No one can live by giving only. We must learn to receive. For me, Healing Pathway is about learning to receive. And that’s what we did. 18 of us created a safe container that even after the workshop I felt like being held by the safe container. The majority of the participants want to continue to come together to practice what they learned. You are welcome to talk to any of the participants from FGUC. They’d be happy to share their experiences with you. Participants from FGUC family: Donna McNamara, Mae Stone, Elinor Johns, Barb Douglas, Margot McKenzie, SarahJane Nesbitt, Rachel Landrecht, Bonnie Neil, Sandy Shwetz, Cindy-Rose Reimann.

– Min-Goo