One of the things I noticed after coming to Canada was how much people love about Halloween. Everyone – young and old alike – seems to enjoy the day of letting loose, and living out their wildest dreams. I don’t understand the culture of Halloween. All I can see is too much candy, costumes and parties. Oh how I have been worrying about my boys’ teeth on EVERY Halloween! So, I have been avoiding this incomprehensible festival as much as possible. Last week, however, I had to attend the Halloween party at Jah-bi’s school. It was the loudest and craziest party I’ve ever seen. But I am glad that Jah-bi had so much fun.
I was interested in the origin of Halloween, and found out that it all began with the Celts more than 2000 years ago. October 31st was the day they celebrated the end of the harvest season in a festival called Samhain. That night also marked the Celtic New Year and was considered a time between years, a magical time when the ghosts of the dead walked the earth. It was the time when the veil between death and life was supposed to be at its thinnest.
Such finding gave me a reason to celebrate Halloween this year. Our world seems to be too small if it is only for the living, and our life span is too short if it is only for this life we have right now. Perhaps it is by welcoming and embracing the unknown, the mystical side of life, death and life beyond death, can we live our lives more fully and more meaningfully.

– Min-Goo