One of the things I do to look after myself is to eat good food. These days, I am facilitating a weekly program, Not Alone: Healing in Times of Grief and Loss. It takes lots of energy and time to prepare for and to lead the program. After each session, I find myself craving comfort food. Last Wednesday I went to T. H. Dang. It’s a Vietnamese and Chinese restaurant on
Pembina Hwy right across from Fort Garry Public Library. I am a
regular, and the owner always greets me with a big smile. He even thinks that I am one of them (meaning I am from Vietnam) for two
reasons: how much I enjoy their food, and what I look like to him.
Anyway, the place is always crowded, and the food of the restaurant never disappoints me. There are lots of items on the menu, but I usually go with the same: tofu with rice noodles in sate soup or vermicelli bowls. I have chosen what would be safer and more familiar to my taste. Sometimes, however, I wish I could order something new. I asked the owner if there was anything he would recommend for me next time. “Try crabmeat & fish maw soup. You might enjoy it.” I thanked him for the recommendation. I can’t wait to try it even though it will require breaking out of my comfort zone.

I wonder if God wants us to try something we’ve never done before. What would be our next steps as a community of faith in order to live the resurrected life even if it will require breaking out of our comfort zone. We all love to sing songs that are most familiar to us. But don’t we all feel like singing a new song every once in a while like the psalmist? “O sing to the Lord a new song. Sing to the Lord, all the earth.” (Psalm 96:1)

  • Min-Goo