Our Worship Space

  • Symbol of peace

    Symbol of peace

  • Chancel


  • Memorial Tree

    Memorial Tree

  • Worship
    The new look for our sanctuary
  • Worship
    Our symbol of affirmation

We gather Sunday mornings to celebrate God’s presence and to learn of God’s purpose for us, and the world. The encounter with God brings hope and challenge, renewal, courage and strength.

  • We meet the Holy One as we make God’s word our home, savoring the church’s book, the Bible;
  • through the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper that unite us with Jesus Christ;
  • through the gifts of sacred music that joins our spirits to the Divine, in traditional hymns and contemporary songs,in the offering of praise by choirs, and instruments from organ and grand piano, concert orchestra, ensembles;
  • through the quiet intimacy of prayer and meditation;
  • through the gifts of creative arts – in fabric and film, photography and poetry;
  • through shared commitment and action to mend the world, and;
  • through the joyful fellowship of Christians with one another.

Experience is not required!

We always enjoy visitors and welcome newcomers.

Come in comfortable clothing; there is no “dress code.”

Inclusive language is naturally encouraged.