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March 22, 2015 – We Wish to See Jesus – Text: John 12:20-33

“Sir, we wish to see Jesus”. We hear one of the most extraordinary requests of the entire Christian Bible – from Genesis to Revelation. If there is one single purpose for us to read the Bible, this would be it – to see Jesus, the Word made flesh, the love incarnate. Hearing isn’t enough, we(…)

March 8, 2015 – Becoming the Body of Christ – Text: John 2:13-22

These days I have been thinking a lot of the church in general, and our church in particular. When I say “church” I don’t mean a building. There are always a fine group of dedicated people who know how to keep the building in good shape. And I thank every man and woman who has(…)

March 1, 2015 – Mountaintop Experiences – Text: Mark 9: 2-9

I grew up hiking in the mountains. Mountains cover 70 percent of Korea. No matter where you are you can see mountains. When I was in Korea, I enjoyed hiking in the mountains all year round, on my day off, during holidays, and sometimes even before I went to work around 6 o’clock in the(…)

February 22, 2015 – Lent 1 B – Amy Crawford

How many of you have ever had children or have ever been a child? Oh good, maybe you will relate then to the various relationships that parents have with children over the course of time. The parent/child journey begins with a ‘creative’ role where parents create the child. Now we might not all be the(…)

February 8, 2015 – No-Name Mother-in-Law – Text: Mark 1:29-39

There are many reasons and various circumstances why people keep silent. People keep silent out of fear if they are controlled by imbalanced relationships, or affected by injustice such as dictatorship. People keep silent out of shame. It took many years for our aboriginal brothers and sisters to break their silence to talk about what(…)

February 1, 2015 – Turning to One Another – Text: 1 Corinthians 8: 1-13

There is nothing like having a face to face conversation. My emphasis is on “face to face”. Of course there are many other ways to have a conversation, such as talking on the phone, exchanging emails, a video chat, texting, sending cards or letters. All of these tools are useful, and sometimes they are the(…)

January 25, 2015 – Jonah’s Conversion – Text: Jonah 3: 1-5, 10

The story of Jonah is not so much the conversion of the people of Nineveh as the conversion of Jonah. Ironically and with witticism, the Bible shows us the contradiction between how easy it is for the people of Nineveh to convert, and how hard it is for Jonah to convert. With just eight words(…)

January 18, 2015 – Learning from Winter Trees – Text: Psalm 139

So far my first winter in Winnipeg has been kind to me. Winter is not only endurable but also enjoyable. Having lived on the West Coast for more than seven years, I almost forgot what it was like to live in a real winter. The winter of the West Coast was like an extension of(…)

January 11, 2015 – Out of Chaos – Text: Genesis 1:1-5

I spent two lovely days at St. Benedict’s Retreat Centre last week. I attended a retreat called, Inter-Mission, Contemplative Pause for Those in Ministry. I needed to stop everything I was doing, take a deep breath, connect with myself, and reflect on who I really am. The short retreat allowed me to do so. There(…)

January 4, 2015 – The Three Gifts We Share – Text: Matthew 2:1-12

The mystery of the Christmas story is that although it happened about 2000 years ago in a certain place in the world, it has happened, and is always recreated in numerous places. The birth of the Christ child, the greatest gift of all, wrapped in the most humble material – stable, the holy presence sheltered(…)