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Text:  John 12: 1-8 What is the greatest gift you’ve ever received? It doesn’t have to be fancy, expensive or even visible, but something memorable and touching that made a long-lasting impact on you. Perhaps the greatest gift you’ve received is your loving parent(s) or the place you grew up (especially if you were born(…)

March 24, 2019 – Holding a Mystery

“I know that look on your face. I know the secrets you tell. You’re every mood I can trace. I guess I could say I know you well. But how can I say I know you well. Cause when I look in your eyes I see a million miles across an endless sea. I wanna(…)


Instructor – Kimiko Karpoff Kimiko has been a Healing Pathways practitioner for more than ten years and has studied a variety of healing traditions. A diaconal minister in the United Church of Canada, Kimiko has shared healing work in contexts ranging from outreach ministries to youth retreats to congregations to individual hands-on pastoral situations. She(…)

March 10, 2019 – How Is Your Soul?

Text:  Luke 4: 1-13 Our moderator, The Right Rev. Richard Bott in his Lenten message encourages all of us in the United Church across Canada to practice asking one question throughout the Lent. That question is, “How’s your soul?” Let the question sink in for a moment. We often ask ‘how are you or how’s(…)

March 3, 2019 – The Space We have been Given

Text:  Luke 9: 28-36   Space is always mysterious to me. At first it looks empty, but we can actually feel what is unique about the space. Not one space is the same as the other. Each space has a different energy, its own stories and memories. That’s why we feel more drawn to certain(…)

February 24, 2019 – Daily Miracles

Text:  John 14: 8-14   I was at a usual drug store except that it was early in the morning. A few customers including me were waiting outside for the door to be open. As soon as it was unlocked, we were rushing into the store. The inside was somewhat disorganized – there were a(…)

February 17, 2019 – Healing in the Community

Text:  Mark 2: 1-12 Sometimes what disappoints us leads us to discover a new insight about what we need to pursue. I once visited someone in the hospital. Although it was the first time for us to meet, we had a good time getting to know each other. My visit was interrupted by another visit(…)

February 10 – Love: The Ultimate Answer

Text:  Corinthians 3:1-13 Love. The ultimate answer to almost every question we can ask about life and death and everything in between. It’s one of the words we use so casually that we don’t feel the need to clarify what we mean by it. What do we mean when we say ‘I love you?’ Do(…)

January 3, 2019 – When the Net is Empty

Text:  Luke 5: 1-11 There is something that hinders us from being fully present in the here and now, blocking the abundance we can appreciate right in front us. I am curious to know what human condition we have that makes us so vulnerable that we do everything we can to avoid what really matters(…)

January 27, 2019

Text:  Psalm 19 Our experiences can be our teachers if we are open and willing to learn from them. No matter how powerful our experiences are, they don’t make an impact on our lives if we don’t listen to them. What we need in our attempt to make a positive change in our lives and(…)