Weddings, Funerals & Other Special Services

Apart from Sunday Worship, Fort Garry United Church (FGUC) hosts a number of services, including Weddings, Funerals or Memorials and other special events. As an aid, the following will help you and FGUC tailor an event to your personal needs.

  • Congratulations!  You have made an important decision to marry!  We expect the next several weeks will be an exciting and hectic time for you!

    We offer you our guidelines (here or in booklet form) to help your planning and to ensure that the best procedures are followed.  Please read carefully, and ask questions wherever you have them. 

    • Our purpose in all our church activities is to give the welcoming love of God.
    • Our goal is to assist you to plan for your wedding and prepare for your marriage.

     We make four assumptions about the way in which we will be working together. We assume:

    1.  YOU WANT A CHRISTIAN, RATHER THAN A CIVIL, WEDDING. The services offered by the church are spiritual in nature.  If you prefer to be married without reference to God, faith, the Bible, or prayer, you may prefer a civil wedding.  If so, we would be happy to refer you to a marriage commissioner who will perform a beautiful ceremony at some other place of your choosing.

    2.  MARRIAGE IS AN ADULT RESPONSIBILITY, AND WE WILL TREAT YOU AS ADULTS.  The decision to marry is your responsibility, as you will bear the consequences of your choice.  Consequently, our role is not to judge your relationship, but rather to help you have a very meaningful wedding.  You do not have to leap through hoops to prove you deserve to be married.  So long as you wish to marry each other, we will honour that request.  So, you can relax, and look forward to the wedding interview.

    3.  YOU WILL MAKE A WISE DECISION ABOUT MARRIAGE PREPARATION CLASSES. Because we see you as adults, we do not require you to take marriage preparation courses.  Instead, we let you know the stats.: 8/20 marriages in Canada today end in divorce; 1/20 couples who have made the investment in a marriage preparation course later divorce.  So, we encourage, but do not require, you to enroll in such a course, before or after your wedding.   The Congregational Resource Connection offers “Marrying Well” Seminars, and can be reached at 204-947-3163. If you live outside of Winnipeg, simply call your local minister for closer courses.

    4.  YOU WANT YOUR WEDDING DAY TO BE ONE OF THE MOST SIGNIFICANT DAYS OF YOUR LIFE.  For this to happen, you need to take significant responsibility in designing your wedding service. Hence, you will be asked to make decisions about what occurs in your wedding ceremony.  The more involved you and your families are, the more meaningful it will be.

    Please ensure that the following steps are taken: 

    1.  Book your wedding time and date through the church administrator, at 204-475‑1586 AND read our wedding guide carefully.  PLEASE NOTE: Your wedding date is not officially “on the calendar” until the office receives a non-refundable deposit to hold that date. 

    2.  Then, arrange for an appointment with our minister.

    • That meeting is for you and the minister to get to know each other,
    • go over your tentative wedding plans,
    • answer any questions you may have.
    • Both the bride and the groom should attend.

    3.  Contact the Music Director via the church office (204-475-1586) to discuss your musical plans .


    We look forward to meeting you personally.

  • Rose_BouquetIf you are reading this at the time of a death, know that our hearts go out to you. It is our goal to provide all the supports we can to you and yours.

    If you are reading this before a loss has occurred – feel proud. Reading a brochure about funerals or memorial services is a mature and courageous act. It is never easy to contemplate death in advance.

    Either way, in the body of Christ, we are filled with the promise of resurrection and are able to give such thought to funeral and memorial planning, full of hope.

    An attached  Guide is offered to help you plan well before or during the time of loss. The information is designed to help family members face a death with more confidence, to help us maintain relationships during difficult times, and to help all of us live our faith until we are, momentarily, parted. Please accept this offering in that spirit.

     These procedures are in keeping with generally accepted practice throughout the United Church of Canada. They are here to help you obtain the services of Fort Garry United Church. They are in place to ensure that the service has the meaning and effectiveness that will be of maximum spiritual benefit to the bereaved.